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Y Axis Bubble


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Hello Fellow Traders. I was hoping someone could help me here. I am writing a study with a lot of plots that turn off and on depending on what the market is doing. Every plot leaves a bubble from the last time it was running on the Y Axis. Is there anyway I can have just the currently running plots creating a bubble on the Y Axis? I know you generally turn off the bubbles with Plot.HideBubble(); but I want the current ones on.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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It's a long code that doesn't work successfully yet, but here is a small part of it that causes some of the y-axis mess.

#Bull Zone 1
plot Up1S = if Tier2Bull  then Exp15 else Double.NaN;
Up1S.SetPaintingStrategy (PaintingStrategy.DASHES);
Up1S.SetDefaultColor (Color.MAGENTA);
Up1S.SetLineWeight (1);

plot Up1T = if Tier2Bull then ATRupper[1] else Double.NaN;
Up1T.SetPaintingStrategy (PaintingStrategy.DASHES);
Up1T.SetDefaultColor (Color.CYAN);
Up1T.SetLineWeight (2);

plot up1B = ((Up1t - Up1S) * .45) + Up1S;
Up1B.SetPaintingStrategy (PaintingStrategy.DASHES);
Up1B.SetDefaultColor (Color.white);
Up1B.SetLineWeight (2);

#Bull Zone 2
plot Up2S = if Tier3Bull then ATRupper else Double.NaN;
Up2S.SetPaintingStrategy (PaintingStrategy.DASHES);
Up2S.SetDefaultColor (Color.MAGENTA);
Up2S.SetLineWeight (1);

plot Up2T = if Tier3Bull then ATRZone2UP[1] else Double.NaN;
Up2T.SetPaintingStrategy (PaintingStrategy.DASHES);
Up2T.SetDefaultColor (Color.CYAN);
Up2T.SetLineWeight (2);

plot Up2B = ((Up2t - Up2S) * .6) + Up2S;
Up2B.SetPaintingStrategy (PaintingStrategy.DASHES);
Up2B.SetDefaultColor (Color.white);
Up2B.SetLineWeight (2);

This is basically listing requirements for six plots to show up. The three Bull Zone 2 plots will paint and turn off then the three Bull Zone 1 plots will paint and turn off, but no matter what they leave bubbles on the y-axis. All I am trying to do is limit the Y Axis bubbles to the plots currently painting.

IMGUR looks different from your tutorial now. There's no "Share Options" anymore. Just embed and the insert image doesn't like the link they gave me. I'm trying to follow the rules. Let me know if this is enough. Thanks!

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