Workspace missing from ThinkorSwim when moving computer


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I have a new computer and when I logged into TD My workspace is there but all my watchlists and saved scans aren't there. Is there and easy way to be able to have my new computer mirror everything thats on my old computer i.e. watch lists and scans. I thought when you save a workspace it would save everything .
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That is a relatively easy operation. There are several alternatives
What I typically do is to save my workspace and give it a name
Click on Setup > Save workspace as ...

For example I have a workspace called TOMSK_07-10-2019
Then in my computer under \Program Files\thinkorswim there is a file called workspace.TOMSK_07-10-2019
Copy this to the Thinkorswim installation directory of your new computer

Fire up TOS, then go to Setup and click on the saved workspace
You should be all set.

Please note that I am using Windows 7 so your installation directory location may be different
Adjust accordingly.


I know this is likely not an issue any longer, but you can simply copy the entire \Program Files\thinkorswim directory from one computer to the next. Make sure that your shortcut points to the right place, and you are good to go

The great thing about this is that all of your history and custom studies and chart layouts and quote window layouts transfer without a hitch...


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@rj3137 No need to do that. All your indicators are saved on the cloud. Just login into ThinkorSwim on your new computer and re-add the indicators from your Studies section.

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