WKHS exploded after Trump Tweet


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Why... in the world did this not even come up on any scanner? Not to mention even TOS for God's sake.

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Actually after some further tinkering ... it finally came up appropriately. What would be ideal further tweaking or study to refine this




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@Likos Are you just looking for highest and lowest % change throughout the day? Keep in mind that if you save your scanner as a watchlist, data is delayed by 3-15 mins.

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@BenTen I've used the Money Flow Index to narrow down my search. To answer your question I am trying to

  • 1. Narrow down a trend to enter in that's more likely to grow/breakout through the day
  • 2. Price strength continuation
  • 3. Focus more or less daytrade scan
  • 4. Reasonable if anything
  • 5. Modification scan search so that when the choices are narrowed down it's not too late or too little catching the trend.

While I may add them to the left on my watchlist, but primarily I am focusing on one stock & only that stock looking & observing that stock; this avoids being distracted if other stocks 'I could have' choices be eliminated. Not every pick is going to be perfect. Theoretically, I could flip the 'above' to bellow to search for low floater breakout, trending, super-trending etc.

Here's what I have so far prior to the setup, what could I modify, or edit to refine it?





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@Likos From your original question regarding WKHS and Trump, that seems more like a news thing which you could get a subscription with Benzinga Pro or something like that. I heard they always keep traders in the loop. I'm not too familiar with the whole penny stocks thing.

For me, I keep a close watch on 4-5 stocks every single day and it has always been the same name since I started trading. Names like AAPL, FB, AMZN, SPY, etc.

In addition to what you already have, maybe crossover scanner, ORB breakout scanner, etc. Indicators that may suggest a stock is breaking out or breaking down.

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@BenTen I tried adding it and even tried the link "betterorb" doesn't shop up via function



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@Likos You would need to hit the Scan button manually. Not possible to adjust the auto refresh interval at the moment.

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