Why won't this strategy plot?


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I've been working on a options strategy and really want to test it so I can get a better understanding on how I can improve it. My goal was to have a buy condition and then sell on the opening of the 4th day. I'm pretty sure I did this a very unorthodox way, it plots arrows, yet It won't work in a strategy. Hopefully someone can help. Does anyone know a simpler way to make the sell condition "sell after 3 days"
input price = close;
input length4 = 13;
input displace = 0;
plot AvgExp = ExpAverage(price[-displace], length4);
input length6 = 48.5;
plot AvgExp2 = ExpAverage(price[-displace], length6);
def c = close;

input length = 14;
input calcLength = 5;
input smoothLength = 3;
input length2 = 30;
input calclength2 = 5;
input smoothlength2 = 2;
input agg = AggregationPeriod.DAY;
input agg2 = AggregationPeriod.THREE_DAYS;

def zeroline = 0;
def o10 = open(period = agg);
def c10 = close(period = agg);
def data = fold i = 0 to length2
           with s
           do s + (if c10 > GetValue(o10, i)
                   then 1
                   else if c10 < GetValue(o10, i)
                        then - 1
                        else 0);
def EMA5 = ExpAverage(data, calclength2);
def Main = ExpAverage(EMA5, smoothLength);
def Signal = ExpAverage(Main, smoothLength);

def zero = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else 0;
def ob = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else Round(length * .7);
def ob2 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else Round(length * .3);
def  ob3 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else Round(length * .0504);
def ob4 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else Round(length * -.7);
def ob5 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else Round(length * -.3);
def ob6 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else Round(length * -.2);
def ob7 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else Round(length * .0);
def os = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else -Round(length * .2);
def os2 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else -Round(length * .6);
def os3 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else -Round(length * .0);
def os4 = if IsNaN(c) then Double.NaN else -Round(length * -.1);

def o2 = open(period = agg2);
def c2 = close(period = agg2);
def data2 = fold i2 = 0 to length
           with s2
           do s2 + (if c2 > GetValue(o2, i2)
                   then 1
                   else if c2 < GetValue(o2, i2)
                        then - 1
                        else 0);

def EMA52 = ExpAverage(data2, calclength2);
def Main2 = ExpAverage(EMA52, smoothLength);
def Signal2 = ExpAverage(Main2, smoothLength);

input BuyorSell = {default Buy, Sell};
input ShowTodayOnly = yes;
input ShowEntryExitBands = yes;
input ShowBubbles = yes;
input BuyEntry = 3;
input SellEntry = 3;
input BuyExit = 20;
input SellExit = 20;

input ATRLength = 50;
input TargetATRMult = 1;
input DisplayLines = yes;
input PriceDigit = 2;

# High

def H1  = Highest(high, SellExit);
def H2  = fold i3 = 1 to SellExit
          with ip = 0.0
          do if GetValue(high, i3) == H1 or GetValue(high, i3) < ip
             then ip
             else GetValue(high, i3);
def H3  = fold i1 = 1 to SellExit
          with ip1 = 0.0
          do if GetValue(high, i1) == H1 or GetValue(high, i1) == H2 or GetValue(high, i1) < ip1
             then ip1
             else GetValue(high, i1);
def HH  = (H2 + H3) / 2.0;

# Low

def L1  = Lowest(low, BuyExit);
def L2  = fold i4 = 1 to BuyExit
          with ip2 = 10000000.0
          do if GetValue(low, i4) == L1 or GetValue(low, i4) > ip2
             then ip2
             else GetValue(low, i4);
def L3  = Lowest(if low == L1 or low == L2 then 1000000 else low, BuyExit);
def LL  = (L2 + L2) / 2.0;

def QB = Highest(high, BuyEntry);
def QS = Lowest(low, SellEntry);
plot x = QB[1];
plot y = ll;
def ATRVal = ATR(length = ATRLength, averageType = AverageType.SIMPLE);
def mATR = Highest(ATRVal, ATRLength);
plot reversethatb = (high - open > 0) and (open > close);

plot optionbuy = (close > QB[1]) and ((Main - 2 > Main[1]) or (main > ob)) and (close[1] < QB[2]) and (close[2] < QB[3]) and (close[3] < QB[4]);
plot sell = optionbuy[3];

AddOrder(OrderType.Buy_TO_OPEN, condition = optionbuy
, price =  open[-1], 1, tickcolor = Color.GREEN, arrowcolor = Color.GREEN, name = "BE");

AddOrder(OrderType.Sell_to_Close, condition = sell
, price = open[-1], 1, tickcolor = Color.RED, arrowcolor = Color.RED, name = "SE");
You need to add it as a strategy and it will plot your order. Here I have MSFT on the 1Y 1D chart with the code you posted.


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