Why doesn't a conditional order continue to run


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In thinkorswim, orders can be automatically placed or canceled when a study-based condition is fulfilled.

For test, I created a conditional order using the MACD indicator:

Buy signal: MACD."Diff" crosses above 0
Sell signal: MACD."Diff" crosses below 0

There is no issue for the entry and exit of the first order. But after the first order was executed successfully, the conditional order disappears.

How to make this conditional order continues to run?




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Nope...!!! You have to reissue the conditional order every time it has run its course... Just an unfortunate trait of TOS... I just commented on this the other day... TOS is not designed to allow fully automated trading... I save my conditional orders so they don't require re-entry, just re-initialization... While not the best scenario, you won't gut your trade account with a bad automated trade setup...

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