When will Tesla (TSLA) be added to the S&P 500?


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Hi Ben and all,

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday! Do you or anyone on this forum know exactly when TSLA will be added to the S&P 5oo Index? Is it Dec 1 or Dec 21? I have seen conflicting reports on this. According to Investopedia, TSLA will be added on Dec 1.

https://www.investopedia.com/tesla-tsla-will-be-part-of-the-s-and-p-500-come-december-5088623#:~:text=Christmas is coming early for,EVs) will be the future.

According to CNBC, it will be added on Dec 21.


Does anyone know which one is right?

I am not experienced in chart analysis. If anyone here is, perhaps you can share your technical analysis on TSLA. Do you think it’s close to near term top? According to the article in the street.com, it could go as high as $609 or may fall to $460:


Thanks to all here!

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