What does repaint mean?


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At times, I do read from the forum that some indicator repaint signal. What does repaint mean? How can I tell if an indicator repaint signal? Will past signal stay? What I mean by past signal appeared on yesterday chart for an example.


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A great example of an indicator that repaints would be the Trend Reversal indicator. If you watch it live, you will see that in most cases the signals will disappear if it doesn't work out within the next few bars. That's why you see there is a stop loss line added into the indicator. If the candle closed above or below that stop-loss line (depending on the direction of the signal) the arrow will disappear.

Generally, if you have an indicator that shows buy and sell signals on your chart and every single signal works out perfectly, then most likely that indicator is delayed or repaints. Looks great for backtesting but no use live.