What are your favorite (1-Minute) chart Indicators?


I'm currently trading low-float, high relative volume, gapped stocks on the (1-Minute) chart and I'm trying to find some indicators to help aid me that I've never used before.

I'm currently using:
  • Trendpainter
  • RSI
  • Volume
  • VWAP
  • 9 EMA
  • 20 EMA
What other indicators do you feel is a must trading on a 1-minute chart?
ben, please don't throw my post in some old thread to never be seen again lol.


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@jeditron Could you post images rather than expecting members to import your entire workspace, overwriting theirs, in order to see what you've got going on there...
hi, my apologies but for some reason, I can't seem to post images directly onto the forum even after following these specific instructions. You can only provide a link to the image that is stored on a separate server or website. Also, using the BBCode caused a re-direct error message. I managed to share a link to the image, however, using the "Insert Link; URL box labeled Screen Shot. I hope this helps.


Suggestion: it would be a good idea to save your current workspace so you don't have to worry about overwriting issues.

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@jeditron Have you done any research into posting images...??? It has been covered far too many times for me to repeat it yet again for the hundredth time... Here's a hint, it's in the Questions forum... I'm not going to go find the link again... Independent research is an expectation here...

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