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What app script tuning or refining for TOS?


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Long story short ... Could have bought this at $4, but funds didn't settle in yet for whatever complications emailed to me. I bought in like a fool at 9.26, it peaked around 10% gain but should have left moment it fell going down to 0% gain.

In short, what app script could I use that gives a signal hard trend down or reversal down trend that's happening in a situation like this ? I won't be having the lap top with me at all times in work situation cases.




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@Likos Not sure what you mean by "app script". One thing that I use though for situation like this is MAs (moving averages), Volume, and VWAP. I'm using the 5/10 SMA on almost all timeframe especially lower timeframe for trend change.

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@BenTen Happy Easter! Perhaps could you show me a screenshot of the settings? Much obliged in advance. Doing the best I can understanding graphs and when to day trade properly, short, or long hold a day or overnight.

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@Likos Happy Easter. Try adding the 5 and 10 SMA into your chart. Whenever you see the 5 crossing down on the 10 = bearish and vice versa.

Here's a little example:




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@BenTen You sir are amazing, talk about comfort and confidence when backtesting a few symbols this morning. RHE was a success, I could have joined the buy when it passed over 20%, but went up to 100%. However, continued to be a clear bull flag so, the gut feeling was good... resulted in a whopping 200%+ 😁 Here's a side by side I did (yes, I used two charts to focus on stock).



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@Likos Well done. Keep practicing, backtesting, and finding what works for you. Happy to see the result.

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