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I signed up for usethinkscript.com last week. The registration went smoothly, but, shortly after I completed the registration, I received a Welcome message. The message itself looks normal, and as if it came from usethinkscript.com, but all the links in the message point to "https:// u9110511.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=acbVPK6irZbfimjtRMx-2FtwNOE-2Bqpv4VnAMBQVLuqxr....".

My spam filter flagged this message as spam because of these links, and it looks very suspicious because the text of the message shows the links going to usethinkscript.com, but the actual links go to sendgrid.net.

The From: address on the message is "useThinkScript <[email protected]>", which is itself somewhat suspicious. I would expect e-mails from usethinkscript.com to come from usethinkscript.com, not from gmail.com.

If this is a valid e-mail message, you may want to change it so it doesn't look so much like spam. If it is not valid, you may want to check your system to make sure noone can get the e-mail addresses of new users and send them spam.

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@hyperbole If email is not part of a hosting package then no emails would come directly from that site... I have run and/or helped maintain many sites that didn't run their own email servers... Also remember that some email servers are more sensitive as to what they consider to be potentially suspicious... I do work for many different vertical markets and this can be a tremendous source of frustration... For example, I have a customer who cannot email a scan from the companies very expensive multi-function copier to their Hotmail email address... I had to setup a separate Gmail account just so the customer could receive scans... That's just one of many examples I could share... Vigilance is a good thing, but sometime it borders excessive paranoia... But, on the flip side, if we didn't have so many dishonest people out there we wouldn't need such levels of security...
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