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does anyone know anything about the infrastructure of wall street trading?

how is it special from traditional networks, does anyone use AWS for their networks?


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What, specifically, do you want to know...??? Looking for a way to hack the trading system...???


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how does it work, how does it differ from a normal network
If they told you, they'd have to kill you... Just like major corporations and government, they aren't going to give intimate details about their network infrastructure... All of which utilize server farms scattered in undisclosed areas around the planet...

I got offered an opportunity some years ago to install a hidden server farm locally but I felt that it would end up being more bother than it was worth so I declined the offer to take on the project... The situation just didn't sit right with me and they were unwilling to answer even preliminary questions other than to just show up and do the job for a whole lot of money... I've never had one regret...


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@pegasis You mean like how quantitative easing just magically up the spy market with little volume because all the exchange pools are hidden?
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