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Hello all. I'm new here and just had a quick question in regards to volume based candles. I'm interested in attempting to write some code for volume based candles rather than time or tick based candles. The objective more or less is to have candles that don't print until they hit a fixed value of say 50,000 and then a candle prints. I know Tradovate and Ninja Trader have this feature built in, but I prefer using TOS and if I could find a wait to get that to work that'd be great. I'm trying to use this to chart Supply and Demand zones in futures and feel that volume based candles will cut out some extra noise that using time based candles can't. So now for the question. Is these possible in TOS? I have limited coding knowledge in Think or Swim and really don't want to be chasing my own tail if this isn't do able. Any feedback or tips are greatly appreciated.


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Is there any such thing as a volume based chart on TOS? I use it on Tradestation, but most of my tool are on TOS and would love to have it if there's a way to create it. I'm also curious about Volume Dots. Found this on TOS, but can't seem to access it.....may not exist anymore: https://tlc.thinkorswim.com/center/howToTos/thinkManual/Bookmap/Heatmap/Volume-dots . Anyone ever see that?

ive never seen this before, possibly a beta testing feature of TOS, if you inquire to know more you can call TD Ameritrade and inquire about it. Be sure to post back and let us know what they said.


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Paint / Draw / Chart a minimum of XYZ volume only
# Paint / Draw / Chart a minimum of XYZ volume only
# By XeoNoX Via usethinkscript.com
declare lower;
input volume_amount = 200000;
def defined_volume = if volume>volume_amount then volume else 0;
plot scan =defined_volume;

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