Using Previous User Defined ThinkScript Studies


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Hi, I am new to think script and wondered if there is a way to use the values from one TOS user defined studies in another user defined study.

For example, one indicator which sends buy signals, one that sends sell signals and a master indicator to evaluate the signals and sequence/control the issuance of the final buy / sell signals.

A second questions is if there are any undocumented ways to actually execute an order directly in TOS as opposed to just a "virtual" order in the strategies? If not, does anyone know of a reason why the TOS platform does not provide this functionality.

I am aware of the TD Ameritrade API, but would like to work within the platform.

Thanks very much for any assistance.


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No Auto trading in TOS, the other questions are yes, look through the strategies, maybe there's something there that will answer your questions..

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