Using External Historical Data in ThinkorSwim?


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Greeting, thanks for having me.

Admittedly new to creating custom indicators (but not entirely to programming), I am looking for a way to display.import some historical data that I have in a external report (Excel (current format), CSV, SQL if needed, or another Database Source) over candles, or in a line graph indicator in ToS.

The report contains:
  • The relevant symbol for Futures Commodity
  • The date of the Index % numbers I am looking to display
  • The Index % number itself
Sounds simple enough in the context of what I want to display. How would one go about this. Any relevant direction very much appreciated.

Thank you, kindly

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One more thing, if you don't mind. Lets say I just want an indicator that shows the value (lower place holder indicator) with the value between 2 dates, from date, to date, and on to the next - manually inputting the index value and a color. Would just need to flow across the chart expand, collapse like any indicator. Possible? I could then just generate the code and constants from my data-set and manually put it in each week.


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@paramay I have seen some people done that. Not sure to what extent they did it, but if you have some sort of data set (mostly in values), then you can put it into an indicator. Not entirely sure.


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Great. All I think I am really looking to do now, is much like a volume bar graph but with my own values specified from 0 to 100%.

Thanks! I'll see what I can come up with.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to do it, I think I'm heading in the right direction with a bar graph (plot?) based on my own values.


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It would be so awesome. So awesome. I don't suppose there's any way? Tradingview scanners are horrible imo. If I could get the data from crypto markets they have into think or swim somehow, it would be a fantastic edge.


@paramay have you considered a charting program like Metastock or Tradestation? In many ways they are better at charting than tos. Ive been using Metastock since 1995. I do all my backtesting in it. You can import static data or use realtime data.