Using dual long strategies: how to prevent one strat from exiting another's order?


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Brand new to thinkscript. But, I've coded these same strategies into Sierra, Ninja.

I have a combination mean reversion / trend following strategy which works pretty well. I've separated them into to 2 separate strats, and applied them to a chart.

Problem is, an entry order gets placed by one Strat, and the other Strat sometimes will exit the position.

Is there anyway to get a handle on the order the Strat places so it will only exit it's own orders and not orders of another Strat?


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I think you would have to place them into a separate chart. ToS backtesting has lots of limitations, and this could be one of them.


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Thanks for the reply.

I'm in the process of creating conditional orders with OCO Bracket to implement the strategies live (live in the simulator, that is :cool:).

I don't currently see a way to layer both strategies together using cond. orders. So, I'll just have to manually be sure that only one of these strategies has a working order (in one direction).

I might be able to do a complex chain of order triggers OCO->triggers OCO to accomplish what I want, but am still figuring things out.