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Using Alpha Channel in Custom Colors?


Hi Guys,

So you can create a custom color in thinkscript using SetDefaultColor(CreateColor(R,G,B)); When you access the color of the input in the Study Settings...you are manually able to swap the color mode to RGBA/CMYK/etc. Does anyone know if there is a way to access this functionality via thinkscript?

#Creating a boring RGB color Example:
plot Price = close;
Price.SetDefaultColor(CreateColor(255, 220, 210));

Price.SetDefaultColor(CreateColor(RGBA(255, 220, 210, 100))); # Doesn't work
Price.SetDefaultColor(CreateColor(255, 220, 210, 100)); # Doesn't work


Hey BenTen.

The code does work, I included it in the original post.

My question was in regards to adjusting the channel/mode of the RGB to include an alpha layer/transparency/opacity.

Have you ever seen an example of a color like that? TOS allows for these color channels to be set manually, but I have yet to find how to mimic these colors in ThinkScript.

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