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@john3 Thank you so much for that. Not sure what to make of your Discord issue. My suggestion is that you install a VPN, make a fresh account on Discord, and then use this invite link to join. Be sure to do all of that steps while the VPN is running. Once you have successfully join the room then you can disable your VPN.

P.S: That link above is directed to our general chatroom. Once you're in, please let me know and I'll add you to our private channel 😀

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@San Thank you very much. 💯

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@THEWRIGHTS2019 Thank you! Means a lot to me. If you joined our Discord already, pls DM me and I'll add you to our ThinkorSwim channel.

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@BenTen I emailed support and here is what they said: "For reference, banning a user will restrict their IP from joining the server. With that in mind, it's possible that you may be sharing the IP of someone who has been banned, that is why we suggest that you reach out to the server admins once more and ask them to revoke all banned users (even if your Discord Tag isn't on the list)."

I have finally joined from my phone, but only when I turned off the wifi and was only on Verizon's LTE connection. Doesn't matter now, because now I can log in from my desktop.

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@john3 Unfortunately we can’t unbanned everyone from our ban log. But I’m glad you were able to make it inside. Just login from the new account without VPN and you should still be able to access our Discord group.

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@Killmer Thank you. Saw the message you left as well 😁👍🏻

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Thank you to you both 💯 @Bluephire1914

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@GeneHo Appreciate the support 💯

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@BenTen Hi Ben sent my donation in earlier today... thank you

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