TTM Squeeze with Schaff Trend Cycle


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I trying to combine the TTM Squeeze and Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) as a trading strategy in TOS but having some trouble getting the bullish signal to align with the TTM squeeze and STC.
input Shares = 5;
input Gain = 0.03;

#TTM Squeeze parameters
input length = 10;
input nk = 1.5;
input nBB = 2.0;

#MACD, TTM, STC Parameters
input fastLength = 5;
input medLength = 20;
input slowLength = 50;

#STC Parameters
input KPeriod = 10;
input DPeriod = 3;

def TTM = TTM_Squeeze(close, length, nk, nBB).histogram;
def squeeze = TTM_Squeeze(close, length, nk, nBB).SqueezeAlert;
def STC = schaffTrendCycle(fastLength, slowLength, KPeriod, DPeriod);
#def MAC = MACD(fastLength, medLength, length);

#Bullish Signals
#def MACBullish = if MAC > MAC[1] and MAC[1] < MAC[2] then 1 else 0;
def STCBullish = if STC < 25 and STC > STC[1] and STC[1] < STC[2] then 1 else 0;
def TTMBullish = if TTM < Squeeze and TTM > TTM[1] and TTM[1] < TTM[2] then 1 else 0;
def Bullish = if STCBullish == 1 and TTMBullish ==1 then 1 else 0;

#Bearish Signals
#def MACBearish = if MAC < MAC[1] and MAC[1] > MAC[2] then 1 else 0;
def STCBearish = if STC > 75 and STC < STC[1] and STC[1] > STC[2] then 1 else 0;
def TTMBearish = if TTM > squeeze and TTM < TTM[1] and TTM[1] >= TTM[2] then 1 else 0;
def Bearish = if STCBearish == 1 then 1 else 0;

def BullishSignal = Bullish == 1;
def BearishSignal = Bearish == 1;

#Exit Trade
def exitBullishTrade = if Bearish == 1 then 1 else 0;
def exitBearishTrade = if Bullish == 1 then 1 else 0;

#Execute Bullish Buy and Sell
AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_TO_OPEN, BullishSignal, close, Shares);
AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_TO_CLOSE, high >= EntryPrice() + EntryPrice() * Gain, EntryPrice() + EntryPrice() * Gain, Shares);
AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_TO_CLOSE, exitBullishTrade, close, Shares);

#Execute Bearish Buy and Sell
#AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_TO_OPEN, BearishSignal, close, Shares);
#AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_TO_CLOSE, low <= EntryPrice() - (EntryPrice() * Gain), EntryPrice() - (EntryPrice() * Gain), Shares);
#AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_TO_CLOSE, exitBearishTrade, close, Shares);

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Hey @confluence905 try setting it up like this "def STCBullish = if STC[-1] < 25 and STC[-1] > STC and STC < STC[1] then 1 else 0;". When shifting what was being referenced to the right one bar it was able to trigger the buy at the first green sign from STC and sell at the first red sign. That may work for the TTM portion as well. Also would you mind sharing your STC_DEMA_PWC study? It looks interesting and if you're willing I'd like to be able to see what went into it.
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Hey @confluence905 I am afraid that I don't have enough experience yet to help with that strat, but would you mind sharing your STC_DEMA_PWC study? It looks interesting and if you're willing I'd like to be able to see what went into it.
I've been able to get it to work with both the ttm squeeze and stc code since I posted but it still need a little work as the signals don't exactly align with each other.

Here's the STC DEMA indicator code, which I added DEMA and STC Bullish and Bearish signals to recently. Let me know if you have any improvements to the code.
#STC = Schaff Trend Cycle
#Schaff Trend Line = Used for quick up/down trend declaration
#Added DEMA, Breakout signals, and clouds 11/10/21 ~Confluence905

declare lower;

#Assign Breakout signals
input STC_BreakoutSignals = {default "No", "Yes"};
input DEMA_BreakoutSignals = {default "No", "Yes"};

#STC inputs
input fastLength = 5;
input slowLength = 50;
input KPeriod = 10;
input DPeriod = 3;
input over_bought = 75;
input over_sold = 25;
input Zero_line = 50;
input averageTypeSTC = AverageType.WEIGHTED;

#DEMA inputs
input sfastLength = 5;
input mfastLength = 10;

#STC Code
def macdTrend = MovingAverage(averageTypeSTC, close, fastLength) - MovingAverage(averageTypeSTC, close, slowLength);
def fastK1Trend = FastKCustom(macdTrend, KPeriod);
def fastD1Trend = MovingAverage(averageTypeSTC, fastK1Trend, DPeriod);
def fastK2Trend = FastKCustom(fastD1Trend, KPeriod);
plot STCTrend = MovingAverage(averageTypeSTC, fastK2Trend, DPeriod);
plot OverBought = over_bought;
plot OverSold = over_sold;
plot ZeroLine = Zero_line;

#STC Plotting
STCTrend.DefineColor("Positive and Up", Color.UPTICK);
STCTrend.DefineColor("Negative and Down", Color.DOWNTICK);
STCTrend.AssignValueColor(if STCTrend >= STCTrend[1] then STCTrend.Color("Positive and Up") else STCTrend.Color("Negative and Down"));

#STC Cloud
AddCloud(STCTrend, OverBought, Color.GREEN, Color.WHITE);
AddCloud(OverSold, STCTrend, Color.RED, Color.WHITE);

def STCb = STCTrend <= over_sold and STCTrend[1] <= over_sold and STCTrend[2] <= over_sold;
def STCBullish = STCb == 1 and STCTrend > STCTrend[1] and STCTrend [1] <= STCTrend[2];
plot UpsignalSTC = if STCBULLISH == 1 then STCTrend else Double.NaN;

UpsignalSTC.SetHiding(STC_BreakoutSignals == STC_BreakoutSignals."No");

def STCbr = STCTrend >= over_bought and STCTrend[1] >= over_bought and STCTrend[2] >= over_bought;
def STCBearish = STCbr == 1 and STCTrend < STCTrend[1] and STCTrend[1] >= STCTrend[2];
plot DnSignalSTC = if STCBearish == 1 then STCTrend else Double.NaN;
DnSignalSTC.SetHiding(STC_BreakoutSignals == STC_BreakoutSignals."No");

input price = close;
input priceType = PriceType.LAST;
def LP = Round(close(priceType = priceType), 2);
def emaPrice1 = ExpAverage(LP, sfastLength);
def emaEmaPrice1 = ExpAverage(emaPrice1, sfastLength);
def emaPrice2 = ExpAverage(LP, mfastLength);
def emaEmaPrice2 = ExpAverage(emaPrice2, mfastLength);
def DEMAfast = 2 * emaPrice1 - emaEmaPrice1;
def DEMAslow = 2 * emaPrice2 - emaEmaPrice2;
def AVG1 = DEMAfast;
def AVG2 = DEMAslow;
def Diff = DEMAfast - DEMAslow;

#DEMA DOTS Plotting
plot upsignalDEMA = ZeroLine;
upsignalDEMA.SetHiding(DEMA_BreakoutSignals == DEMA_BreakoutSignals."No");
upsignalDEMA.DefineColor("Positive and Up", Color.LIGHT_GREEN);
upsignalDEMA.DefineColor("Positive and Down", Color.GREEN);
upsignalDEMA.DefineColor("Negative and Down", Color.LIGHT_RED);
upsignalDEMA.DefineColor("Negative and Up", Color.RED);
upsignalDEMA.AssignValueColor(if AVG1 >= AVG2 then upsignalDEMA.Color("Positive and Up") else upsignalDEMA.Color("Negative and Down"));
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Hey, wanted to check if you were able to use successfully STC together with TTM squeeze to improve reliability of the buy/sell signals? Are you using it to enter and set stop losses?
It would not be possible to reduce oscillator false signals w/ a squeeze indicator as squeeze provides no data as to trend or direction.

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