Trying to write a scanner for micro caps trading



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I have this strategy that is well known for short sellers in micro caps (aka penny stocks) called "bounce short". Basically previous runner day with lots of volume and 70%+ spike on the day followed by a straight dump leaving lots of bag holders as resistance. I would like to make a scanner that indicates when a stock (today) spikes near to that level it used to be in that day of the "pump and dump" lets say around 10-20% range of the pump and dumps day top.

Here's an example:

I don't know why I find this so hard to script but i'm struggling to do scans for things that happened in previous days. Mostly high volatility days like this.
Any help or guidance will be very appreciated!
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Hi even I am looking for the same feature. Thanks


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This would be useful to have. Let us know if you find anything @HolyDiver

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