Tradovate vs ThinkorSwim for Futures Trading


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I am looking to trade E-Mini Futures, I am presently trading the Micros on TOS, but it is next to impossible to overcome the fees, and slippage. I was considering the E-Mini vs/ the Micros but TOS requires to much capital in the account for my present situation. I was looking at another platform to trade futures on and was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with Tradovate. I am curious about how much it cost in and out of a contract, total fees?

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Alex, I have only traded Micro Eminies, how much is it for a full in and out contract of let’s say /ES Emini future with comics soon and all fees included?
Got this from their website:

Your funds are held with the FCM you opened the account with. The official bank depositories are as follows:

  • Dorman Trading LLC
    • USD-BMO Harris Bank N.A.
    • EUR-Barclays Bank PLC
    • AUD-Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Phillip Capital Inc.
    • USD-Citibank N.A.
    • EUR-Citibank London
    • AUD-Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    • GBP-Royal Bank of Scotland
Ditto..... No complaints, very fast fills, great fee structure. Charting is an acquired taste tho. I use TOS to chart....even though the candle painting can lag at times.
I am using Tradovate to buy/sell and TOS to chart. The charts are terrible on Tradovate, but $550 to purchase a E-Mini contract has me using them until I graduate and can do so on TOS.
I see the initial as $18,700 for Nasdaq futures on Tradovate. Can anyone confirm trading Nasdaq with a lower initial? (Looking to do 2-3 contracts with 5k funding, considering the day margin is $600 per contract)
Nomak, See the margin requirements bellow:

Give them a call and let them explain it to you.

Posting this for useful info:

I called, the term "initial" is for those trading between 4pm ET to 6pm ET or carry a trade over 4pm ET. (you can get a margin call warning if you carry over without enough funds)

$600 is for "Day Margins" hours 8am ET to 4pm ET
$1000 is for "Overnight Margins" hours 6pm ET to 8am ET

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