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Trading Multiple Stocks


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Hi All,
It's my first time here in this forum.

I want to build a strategy that automatically scans (over and over again) stocks (using a scan I defined) and then buy all the stocks that meets the buy criteria of my strategy. Then sell when my sell criteria is met.

e.g. Using my think script, Scan all stocks that just hit 52wk low and buy them all. Then when whenever each of them go up by x%, sell.
I want this script to run over and over again and keep buying and selling.

Appreciate if anyone can share a way to do this.

Many thanks,


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Hi @nakandala1234 welcome to useThinkscript. How well have you thought this out? If investing were this easy, we would all be bazillionaires.
You could set up a script like this using the Scan wizard. Please go to Tutorials and look for How to use the Scanner. There are videos there that will show you the way.

Before you do something like this, please know that I would have lost my Brokerage as well as Brokers License if I knowingly allowed a client to trade this way. In showing you how to create a scan, I hereby disavow any suggestion that the proposed scan is any recommendation or advice.

How long have you been investing and roughly how much time do you have till retirement?
No matter what, that proposal is, in my opinion, akin to the lottery and not well planned.
Don't run off, stick around, read, learn, and grow in your investment journey.
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