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ToS Mobile friendly Indicators

@hurricane5 I don't really use mobile for trading so don't know for sure. However I did load up the link you posted and it works on my desktop PC just fine. There appears to be a new version of Mobius ORB for Mobile that was released about 3 months ago. I tested both versions on my PC and it works good.

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Hi is there a way to plot the volume profile on the mobile? i cant use the study currently on mobile devices, but wondering if there was a way to dynamically plot the POC, the value area high and value area low just as lines across a 1 yr daily time frame. I realize the other high and low volume nodes would be absent but I would be ok with it. i have monkeyed around with scans using crossover of the POC but just curious is if this is possible. thxs
I've been testing TMO, RSI_Leguarre and ORB for Mobile on small size (1 or 2 contracts) on the hourly (entry and exit) and daily. RSI_Legauarre is primary (really liking it), TMO is confirmation and ORB is just further validation after the first 30 minutes. Currently holding JNJ 136C at +90%.
@hurricane5 I don't use the mobile app that often. If ever do, it's just to check on things when I'm on the road, but I don't make my decision charting on the mobile app. On the app, I have the Advanced Market Moves, TMO, and DMI Oscillator. Hope that helps. Congrats on the JNJ call :D
@BenTen I hear you brother - Unfortunately, I have no choice right now, job is getting in the way (always in meetings and definitely can't put ToS on a company machine! LOL!)...I got spoiled when I was at home for those 7 months!

BTW, is AMM 2.0 dead?
Are there any special functions that do work on mobile? I want the Trend Reversal indicator but it doesnt support bubbles, arrows, dots, text labels, etc... Is there any work around? I really would like labels
I‘m in the same boat as you Hurricane5. I’m in the office working during trading hours too. The amazing thing is, I finally realized that stocks go up or down for days or even weeks before reversals happen. (Kinda new at this) That forced me to use longer time frames so I stay in my trades much longer. It would be great to get Trendreversall on my iPad. I set it up to get alerts so that’s a work around but it would sure be nice!
Anyone have favorite strategies for TOS mobile when desktop is not available? Especially with choppy market conditions it is getting harder to work off daily charts - to swing trade - have gotten stopped out of many trades that initially were good winners only to give it all back and more with a stop loss. It is difficult to predict a sell level once in the trade with the conditional order. If I was able to actively manage trades I am confident my P&L would be improved. Work does not allow me to do this currently but I do have access 3 or 4 times a day to TOS Mobile. Just wondered if anyone else has struggled with this?

Here is a custom script I found from some great people on twitter. It works fine on TOS desktop but wont work on mobile when I add it to my scripts. I was told someone here may be able to tweak it! I have no experience coding.

def outBar = low[1] < low[2] and high[1] > high[2];
def inBar = low > low[1] and high < high[1];

def holyGrail = inBar and outBar;

def HG = if holyGrail then Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY else Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;


Try this. It should provide a "point" indicator on mobile where the cloud would be drawn.
Change the point to an arrow or look through other options in the study's gear settings on mobile.

def outBar = low[1] < low[2] and high[1] > high[2];
def inBar = low > low[1] and high < high[1];

def holyGrail = inBar and outBar;

def HG = if holyGrail then Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY else Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;


plot pt = if holyGrail then low else Double.NaN;
I am under the impression that ThinkScript is not fully functional on mobile, is this correct? If so, is there a mobile equivalent of the ThinkScript manual, or a list of what does and does not work? I've been searching a bit, been getting a lot of noise with no good results.

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