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TOS alternative or similar for non US residents


New member
Hi There,

I realise this is mainly a forum for TOS. I would love to have access to TOS unfortunately they are not available in my country (only as a trial)
Mainly, I am interested in access to the TOS indicators and charts, for trading I could use any platform available to me.
Is there any solution any one could suggest?

Thanks in advance.


New member

Can you tell me what type of isp you're on and how latency is when you trade?
As long as you can access into the World Wide Web, you can trade. My system is over spec and you shouldn't take as a comparison.
Important is to know what kind of trader you want to be Intraday, Short etc.. What Strategies you have and strict execution The forum here talks more about Indicator and if you think you are lacking knowledge in Trading suggest you take some serious course before you even put in real money.

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