Thinkorswim strategies: can you copy the script for autotrading?


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Hi guys. New member here. Ive been using TOS studies with scripts and have been backtesting the strategies section and found a strategy i really like with my trading style.
I want to automate the strategy to trade with TOS or TD but when i called their programmers they said they couldn't build a script for me to autotrade the built in TOS strategy because of liability issues and they could get sued because they'd essentially be giving me financial advice without a license. They suggested auto trading through ninjatrader but routing it to their market makers. I have no programming experience and dont want to risk building my own autotrading system being buggy, would make more sense to use the one they already have built in.
My question is this: does anyone have access to TOS strategy scripts or any experience with a good autotrading software or programmer i could link up with to build the script using the TOS strategy parameters?

I know its a lot there so thanks in advance!

- Evan
ThinkorSwim doesn't have support for auto trading at the moment. You can only backtest a strategy.

Indeed. However i would like to use their strategy script to plug into a subsidiary or 3rd party and would like to know if their strategies script can be copied or if anyone has access to strategy scripts. Because it takes about 50 trades a day or more with the signals and i want to take advantage of it. Part of its success is due to the higher frequency and premarket trading. I want to automate it as much as possible because i like the strategy.
Hello, just out of curiosity, would it be possible to create some sort of chart study to plot your entries and exits? Instead of entering into a trade and then manually creating a price level for your entry point, something that will automatically do it for you when a buy/sell order is triggered. Thought just crossed my mind, wondering if it was possible.
No, I don't think auto trading is the right term. Just something that would create a price level after I execute a buy order or sell order. Lets say I create a buy order for 10 AMD shares at $83.24. The order executes, and a price level, named say, "Entry", is created on the chart at $83.24. Same thing the other way around. I sell 10 AMD shares at $84.50. Price level, "Profits Took" at $84.50. I mean, it takes 2 seconds to do it manually, I just thought it would be cool if I had something that would do it for me. Might help to keep track of how good your entries and exits really are.

I won't let other people manage my money, I sure ain't gonna let a trading platform do it. (;
@spencer13579 Thank you for clarifying. Have you tried to enable the "Show Trades" option in your chart?

@spencer13579 If you pull up the options contract code (ie. .SPY201012C343 ) by putting the options contract code into the ticker symbol area for your chart you can see the options price chart for that specific contract and then with enabled show trades you can see the trades you made. Set along side the ticker symbol chart to mark manually if you wish
I've been exploring the APIs for close to two years on and off using some python notebooks (I'm a Python / SQL developer by day). You can do a lot, but the thinkscript scripts don't (obviously) run in python, so you'll need to be adept at programming the indicators you want to use in whatever language you use to access the APIs.


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