ThinkorSwim paper trading account limitations


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Yes I have had this issue. I was able to improve it a little by adjusting the memory settings in ToS. If you click on the gear icon before logging in it will allow you to set min and max memory sizes. I just increased both and it helped. Just anecdotal don't know if its the correct method to fix it.

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I've always had real time in the paper trading side. Anyway, contacted TDA they were able to see what I was referring to, they were able to recreate the problem at there side, but were unable to solve it. It is a bug of some kind and they thanked me profusely for reporting it. Now, they need to fix it. Said they will contact me when solved.


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So I am wondering if it is possible to live trade and paper trade at the same time from the same computer. I'd like to work on entries during the market hours but don't want to close out my live trading on TOS.

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