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ThinkorSwim OnDemand Not Working

I've noticed two major issues with ThinkorSwim since they announced their Zero Commission trade offer. I'm having stop losses being totally blown through, which could be a sign that they are using slower ECN's to cut down on their fees. I've never had these issues before and I trade the same 8 stocks everyday, so I know how their price action behaves very well, and this is EXTREMELY abnormal.

I've also noticed a dramatic decline in the stability of their OnDemand trading platform. When I try to change the time, it doesn't work half the time, and I also have issues with candlesticks loading. They don't load in real-time. All of a sudden, a bunch of candles will just explode on to the screen.

As I'm sure you've probably heard, TD Ameritrade lost over $10,000,000,000 in market value the day they announced their zero commission offer. They have to make up for those losses somehow, and I hope it's not slower ECN's and a less stable trading platform.

Have you noticed any of these issues or anything related?

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This is an interesting report. I'm moving to ThinkorSwim entirely to streamline my trading process now that they have the $0 commission offer. Let me know if you guys have any other issues or update.
OP has made some serious comments but needs to provide more details., eg, stocks, time of day etc. One place, perhaps to start, is to check Nanex and see if any comments on quote stuffing or liquidity issues occurred. Also if your daily p&l is x and you were within 25% of it, probably nothing. My experience with tos is that if you provide rational reasons they #$%^ed up, they'll offer something in return. Last two days have had wild moves, so, not really surprised by OP's comment. I'll say my fills last 2 days have been good.

You can check tos' Rule 606 forms to see what tos gets paid for your orders and by whom.

Not sure market cap has anything to do with this issue, plse elaborate.

I'm with @TrueDepth, I wish tos would let users pull out what they dont want from the app and provide a streamlined order execution service with a guaranteed uptime. I'd pay for that gladly.
I can’t answer you about your stop problems. OnDemand I can. OnDemand will not run correctly if you have major indicators on it. Try to limit those or get rid of them altogether and work on trading without their help. Kind of a good thing yeah?

Here’s how to fix the time problem. In order for this to work first you pick a date. Forget about the time. Okay date comes up. Now pick your time but you have to click the time up or down not type it in. You can type it in, say type in 9:40 or even 9:31 but you have to click it to 9:30. Does that make sense? I usually pick a ticket I don’t care about to do all this in case I accidentally see the opening prints. After I get it to my time and date I’ll switch to my ticker. If I want to use a major indicator (SuperTrend, Reversal) I only use it on one of my TFs. If you use the 3 times fast you’ll eventually get a slow down. I use the fast forward a lot, not the 3 times fast. That’s it. Hope this helps.
How would diminishing the performance of their platform increase profits for TD? I trade TOS daily for the morning session (until noon) with about 10 tick charts running with multiple indicators each--been doing that for many years and I see no change whatsoever in the performance of the platform which is nearly flawless. OnDemand is perennially problematic, especial the functioning of the active trader. For the most part, it works better now than it has in the past. I connect with an Ethernet cable and have download speeds over 230 Mbps at all times.
@Monopod What memory settings are you using. how big is your work space . I find anything below 1500 KB speeds things up and what does your options code look like. That can made a huge difference in how fast the garbage is collected and speed of the Data coming into TOS.
@Monopod It won't help them. The problem is they have no choice. They had to go to zero commissions because Schwab did. The Thinkorswim Mobile app is terrible. They need to put a few million dollars into that alone.
I'm experiencing an issue now trying to logon and I get a message at login it tells me my version is not compatible with the previous build? Come to think of it lately after Ive logged in and choose the tab to access studies the response time is not what it used to be... fast.
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I mostlytrade es, nq,cl ,zb and amzn options. I've been routinely getting better fills, than before. But I also only keep open 6 charts, 3 watchlists and run tos on a dell workstation which is run off a UPS and have very high and stable internet speeds, so, maybe your equipment?

But definitely tell tos support and get them to help. My experience is very different than some others here. Sometimes files get corrupted and in the past I've had to uninstall/reinstall the app.
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@J007RMC and @imnobody - Try the following: (Windows only)

1. Shut down TOS
2. Open File Explorer
3. Navigate to "C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\thinkorswim"
4. Delete the "usergui" folder
5. Shut down TOS
6. Restart TOS (it'll take a few moments to reload/download new usergui files)

Hope this helps :)

P.S. - Maybe someone can outline the steps necessary to do the same for Mac users...
I have a 5 columns on my screen S&P,Wkly,D, 4hr and 1 hr sometimes i will have 3 load up instantly and the 2 will sometimes take 30 to 40 seconds to load . Annoying
I have 7 custom columns on my watchlist - VolAvg Pct, MovAvg, 8/34 EMA Cross, Pivot, Daiily Squeeze, Weekly Squeeze and DTE. Takes less than 5 secs, maybe 6 secs to load even during RTH
I've had similar problem on watchlist that I change a lot. My fix is to create new watchlist every few weeks with a different name. Watchlists seem to have a memory which is odd
I bring up the $VOLD chart and tos locks up when I zoom in but it is after hours? also seems like I need to go back into settings and change simple stuf like moving averages and colors? IDK, Its weird.
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