ThinkOrSwim Java IPC (inter-process communication)


New member
Since ThinkOrSwim is a Java program, is there a way to create another Java application (or other language) that interacts with (perhaps read from) the ThinkOrSwim application, using Inter-Process Communication? I've never done any Java programming, but wondering if some Java guru has attempted this? In effect it would be similar to having an API but at a much more granular level. This would be especially helpful for querying strategies and indicators and watchlists and the message center. For example, I have a study that puts an alert into the message center (don't know how that's done) - but if there was a way to interrogate the message center looking for those messages from another application - that application could send a text/sms/email to alert me. This would be an alternative for getting alerts from ThinkScript which I don't think is possible with the functions available. Also, is there any file in the Programs or AppData locations that contain information that could be "queried" looking for alerts, etc.? Thanks so much.

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