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ThinkorSwim Hotkeys Order Exit Sell Position


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Hey guys.. I am new to forum and glad that I discovered this...

My question is this, I am looking to see if there is a way to place hotkey orders in TOS? So let me explain:

What I want to be able to do is add my remainder shares at entry price with using a set of hotkeys. I purchase a particular equity at let's say, $2/share. The stock moves to $2.50 and I sell 3/4 of my position. Is it possible for me to use a set of hotkeys, SHIFT + P to then place a stop order automatically at my entry price of $2 and it shows on the ActiveTrader?


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In ThinkorSwim, go to Setup (top right hand corner) > Application Settings... > Hot keys

Did you check there yet?



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Hi everybody!

I have grown fond of using Camarilla Pivot Points as entry/exit points. I have found them to be incredibly useful to see the possible direction of a stock intraday. I really like shorting into resistance and buying into support, but sometimes I find myself not getting the entries or exits I would ultimately want. I recognize that this is sometimes a lack of discipline or maybe there is is just too much going on when I am trading. With that being said I was wondering if there was a way to create custom sell and buy orders based on my pivot points, say: I want to buy 100 shares of XYZ 10 cents above the closest pivot point and have a 20 cents stop loss bellow said pivot point. If that could be done with a hotkey that would be even better.

I am really trying to systemize my trading and taking my emotions and lack of accuracy to just be much more efficient and able to take better trades. If ThinkorSwim doesn't have tools like this do you guys know with which platform or broker I would be able to execute trades like this.


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Unfortunately, hotkeys are severely lacking in ThinkOrSwim. If you really want/need smart macros available on hotkeys TOS is not the platform for you.

The only platform I know of for which you can create hotkeys that do smart things like sell half your position and move your stop to breakeven is DAS Trader. That has a monthly cost but you can get a demo for a week to experience it. Most people using DAS are using Interactive Brokers rather than TDA but it can be connected to TDA if that's really what you want. The bad thing about DAS is no custom chart studies. If you get DAS, you can find some good hotkey scripts at Bear Bull Traders Forums

For automated trade execution, TradeStation and NinjaTrader are both popular options.

Edit to add: I've seen a lot of Youtubers using TOS for charts and executing their trades on other platforms. That's probably the only way to get great charts and great hotkey macros at the same time.
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You can't set hot keys to specifically sell at certain increments. Such as setting a key to sell half once it hits your Target price or 3/4 and etc. TOS has hot keys setup that is basic. Sell at Bid or ask, buy at bid/ask. They don't have the incremental settings you are seeking for. TradeStation does have that function and DAS trader as well. I am thinking about trying out DAS with my TD account. If there is a big difference with order execution and faster, im willing to pay $100 a month for that.

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