ThinkorSwim Hollow Candles Chart


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Does anyone know what code is used to fill a hollow candle? I know how to change colors but haven't been able to locate the code for filling an empty candlestick. Thanks.


This is what I found from the thinkScript lounge. There is no direct method or option, you may have to jump through some hoops.

12:43 msko: MTS1 - i use hollow candles. and i'm curious.. is there a way, (perhaps other than assignpricecolor) to actually fill the candle /w color (instead of just colorize it's outline)?
12:43 MTS1: but the solution will make more sense when you see the data.
12:44 MTS1: MSK; yes, but not beginner level. Unless a cloud works for you.
12:45 MTS1: Look at addcloud; plot your h/l on the applicable candles, or use open/close for just the body, and plot double.nan when your high vol condition does not apply. You can actually do both colors in one statement and will do it automagically depending on close being above / below open.

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