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ThinkorSwim Custom Order Template


I set a conditional buy order in TOS which executes at market whenever my study = true (for example when price crosses EMA). Works great.

The problem is that when I save the order as a "Custom Order Template" it only saves about 3 lines of the study code - the rest is cut off mid-word (because my study involves several EMA's the study code is about 6 lines).

With a custom order template using the 6 line study I would normally be able to execute the custom buy order based upon the 6 line code study for any stock by right clicking any chart and selecting "Buy custom" but, as I said, the 6 lines of study code in the template is cut in half so it is incomplete and so will not execute. So I have to do a whole new Conditional Order by copying/pasting the necessary 6 lines of code study.

Anyone have this problem? (ThinkorSwim is closed at the moment so I cannot call)


New member
Is there a way to add a STOP Sell order to my Save Order Template in ThinkorSwim with the following order types into one order?

SELL-LIMIT Order (100 Share at $1.30)
SELL-LIMIT Order (100 Share at $1.20)
STOP Order (100 Share at $1.00)

Any help would be greatly appreciate!


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