Suggestion: Dedicated section for scans/watchlist


This is just a suggestion but I would like to see a dedicated section on the site for scans. To me a scan is just as important as any indicator. This site has been wonderful with the way an idea comes together with teamwork and suggestions from different people. I think it would be helpful to have a place to post about this side of thinkorswim.
I think that sounds like a great idea. I also liked your comment "a scan is just as important as any indicator". I personally like the trigger mechanism of the Ultimate Breakout Indicator (UBI) to enter and have a predefined stop. Now it's just a matter of finding a good scan that bring candidates that thrive with that trigger mechanism so I would love to see what people are scanning for such as BDT, etc.
I see both sides of this.

My initial reaction, after having read only the original post in here, was there should be no separate section because most of the scans on this site are directly related to indicators on this site and those scans should stay with those indicators. I see @BenTen reacted the same way.

However, there are several scan threads in the Questions area unrelated to any indicator. Or where an indicator scan may have been the solution but the question didn't involve any indicators. The argument could be made that maybe those scans should have their own home. I don't know if there's enough of them to warrant that. I haven't looked and I'm not invested enough in this idea to bother. I'm just trying to help clarify the idea so the gods can see all angles when applying their infinite wisdom.
My thoughts are exactly along the lines of @Slippage. Scans and WatchLists related to Custom Indicators must stay in the Studies section. Separating a custom study and its scan would result in scattered information on the topic.

However, @Slippage has a very good point. Many many posts are asking how to use the Scan Hacker Screen to set up simple scans using the stock TOS studies. Maintaining a section of the popular Scan Hacker Screen Setups could be beneficial and perhaps reduce the many redundant questions concerning them.
I see absolutely no need in further fragmenting these forums as they are already becoming difficult for new members to find anything in, which is why they keep taxing those of us able and willing to help by seemingly being too lazy to do the level of independent research required... There is no such thing as instant gratification... That independent research, like reviewing an entire topic in search of answers, quite often results in learning additional unexpected concepts... Not to mention that splitting parts of existing topics off into new ones just adds more work for everyone... Sometimes it pays to look at the big picture... 💡
Want to clarify: I by no means want another rehash of indicators with their scans. I was more into scan settings based on criteria of things like % up/down, unusual volume, built in studies tweaked, and different times.

I dont want another help me out section, my point was to highlight different criteria people use and bounce ideas off those criteria. My belief when you scan on based on idicators alone you are missing out on the market in general. I think that scanning the market and then finding your setup within that scan is usually the best way to go. Indicator scans do not take into fact the fundamentals and market volatility associated with each stock.
@cxr369 Use the search feature and find the respective existing threads for those indicators.

I agree with @BenTen. I believe it is best not to fragment the forum into even more catagories, as it may be much harder to keep everything organized.
@Pensar I can't remember where I found it in here. It was a reversal stop loss and High Lo, but when I search it, I can't find the corresponding thread.

So you just tossed the code in a random topic thinking we'd point the way for you...??? This is EXACTLY why these forums are becoming fragmented... It took me all of a few seconds to Copy & Paste a term from that script you posted into the Search Feature and reviewed the results to find the correct topic and post... Looky HERE...!!! From now on, use that noggin of yours rather than further scrambling these forums and expecting others to do your work for you... 💡

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