Study to filter bid-ask spread


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Hi there,

New member here. I want to create a study filter based on the bid-ask spread. Do you know why the following study filter returns no stocks ? I have almost all timeframe periods but it does not work.

def b = close( priceType = PriceType.BID);
def a = close( priceType = PriceType.ASK);

plot s = (a-b) > 0;


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FYI it's not something you can edit but if you're looking at spreads to find liquid options, go to the public watchlists and one of them is Penny Increment Options. That will give you the most liquid stock options available


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Hello guys,

I'd like to see the best spread on each company on my watchlists, is that possible?
do we have a filter / formula to see the spread value?
Bid - Ask
For example for HTHT is it 47.98-47.20 = 0.78 $, so is it possible to see 0.78 near HTHT?

Thank you for your help!
Best regards

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