Steve Kalayjian Indicators

For those that don't know this guy is supposedly one of the best day traders out there. Here is a video where he talks a bit about futures trading.

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If you search youtube he talks a bit more about his backstory with trading and his process, but it's all very general information. Overall, he seems legit, but who knows. I am more so interested in these "proprietary" indicators he is using. Here is a video where he explains what they are (kind of).

Are they anything special worth chasing? Does anyone know if we can use something similar in ToS

EDIT: I found some more specific information on the indicators! Going through it now.
EDIT 2: For anyone interested.

The indicators are as follows.

Indicator 1 : Macd

Indicator 2 dMI

Indicator 3 : Stochastic Slow

Indicator 4 : "Knowvera Trend Channel"

So the first three obviously common indicators, however in one of his presentations someone who works with him states that they are heavily modified mathematically. The last indicator is his propriety work. This is the only one of significant interest. Kind of looks like Fractal Energy Le RSI? What do you guys think?
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