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@BenTen Curious whether there is an issue with how the site processes User Preferences... I have gone in and switched off receipt of emails when I receive site Alerts, yet I have still been receiving them... I get tired of having to check my one email and delete 20 - 30 email notifications that I don't want or need... I'm fine with getting the Alerts here on the site only as I always have it open in a browser tab... It's just a waste of time, effort, and internet bandwidth to have emails generated... Any suggestions...???
These two options need to be unchecked if you no longer wish to receive email notifications.


Let me know if you already did that but still receiving email notifications. I will take a look.
They are unchecked, which is why I'm asking... I've checked, unchecked, and saved several times - just to make sure the settings change is recognized but to no avail... Nothing makes the emails stop... They've been unchecked for a couple weeks but I just cycled the settings and saved again...
Nothing now... Try turning me back on and reply again so we can narrow this down... Maybe me toggling them for the 5th or 6th time did the trick... :LOL:
@BenTen They're Baaaack...!!! I just checked and have gotten two new email notifications regarding Watched topics... The email checkboxes are still unchecked in my Preferences... Odd...!!! o_O
@rad14733 Can you confirm that the email notifications have been reduced dramatically? I mean, are you still receiving email notifications at the same rate as before? That way, I know where to investigate.
@rad14733 Can you confirm that the email notifications have been reduced dramatically? I mean, are you still receiving email notifications at the same rate as before? That way, I know where to investigate.
I think I have been receiving roughly 6 to 8 emails per day... Not a lot but as I participate more the count progressively rises... They aren't going to my most used email which is why they tend to stack up before I get around to deleting them... Over a weekend I can build up close to 30 that I delete on Monday mornings... It's just odd that unchecking the email options doesn't stop them... Let me know what you find...

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