Set Position Exit to Low/High before Entry Bar?


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Did my DD in scouring the search/google, and couldn't find the answer to this...

How do you set a stop loss to be the low (in the case of long entry) of the bar just prior to entry?


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You would need to use recursion to maintain the low of the candlestick bar that is the same as your EntryPrice()... Then you would add something like "or price <= stopLoss" to your closing conditional clause... There are several trailing stoploss scripts here in the forums that can be adapted to your needs... Using ATR or a fixed amount or percentage is far easier than low prior to entry, but it is possible...


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Appreciate the help. That is disappointing but I will look through other scripts. Might have to settle on a ATR %. Except it needs to be based on the ATR % at the time of entry. Is there a way to know what time an entry is at, and then know what bar is at that time?

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