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Scan for stocks within certain price and volume range in ThinkorSwim?


I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I figure if anyone knows, it'll be the people here. I'm looking for a scanner that scans for stocks that are within a certain price range (.20-20), a certain volume range (over 250k for the day), and is currently trading within 5% of the 100 EMA on a 1 minute chart. Is it even possible to set this up in ToS or am I out of luck?

Thanks everyone


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@darkelvis Here is your scan query. It scans for the following conditions

1. Close between 0.20 - 20.00
2. Volume > 250,000
3. Range within 5% of EMA(100)

between(close,.20,20) and volume > 250000 and between(ExpAverage(close,100), close * .95, close * 1.05)

Place this code directly in the scanner and select your aggregation period in the scanner.
There are no current results so execute this scan query during RTH