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Scan for Stocks for Options Trading


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I am new with this thinkScript and need help in finding any Scan thinkScript to find stocks for options trading. I am glad to do my homework if I knew where to look. Thanks.

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Just my personal opinion but attempting to look at all symbols to trade Options for is an act of futility... A much better method is to build a Watchlist containing the Symbols you want to trade Options for and then use that as your source for OptionHacker scans... I have one Watchlist named Optionable that has about 20 Symbols in it and I know those underlying equities fairly well... I have another Watchlist that I edit regularly based on the Most Active Stock/ETF/Index Symbols, containing a mix of selections from barchart.com... That list usually only has 10 entries...

Using those Watchlists I use my custom OptionHacker criteria to scan for potential Option Symbols... I use my own set of criteria based on my preferred days to expiration, price range, Delta, Open Interests, and Average Volume over a given period of time... And because I primarily trade Daily SPY Options I have a set which also only looks at SPY, or any other Symbol I want to trade...

What it comes down to is what type of Option strategy you want to trade... I only scalp trade simple Call and Put contracts rather than Spreads, Straddles, etc... Sometimes I may day trade them but never hold overnight since my account got gutted due to the Covid crash in February 2020 when I was over-invested and everything expired worthless because got cocky...

This subject is beyond the scope of what I could type here which is why I have such discussions on the UTS Discord Channel, usually via DM... We can either continue here, if you prefer, or on Discord... Perhaps others will have additional contributions here as well...
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