Scan for stocks by their daily percent price range?


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Looking for someone to come up with a stock scanner that can scan for stocks that have closed above 20% of the days range / stocks that have closed in the lower 20% of the days range.
This can be utilized to find second day runners! Thanks in advance! I’m not good with coding or using studies.


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This might help but I am a noob when it comes to coding.

Open Scan - Add filter - Study - Custom - Set the aggregation to D - Enter the following code into Thinkscript -

((High - Low) / Low )*100> X%
# Change X% to scan for stocks with an intraday range above a predefined %.

If anyone is able to add a parameter to define intraday % range over a 1 hour period I would appreciate it. For whatever reason simply setting the aggregation to 1h is not yielding accurate results when using the ((High - Low) / Low )*100> X% formula. Thanks.
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