Scan 65m Timeframe


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I know that I cannot select to use indicators on a 65m timeframe in the Scanner. I am thinking that if I were to convert the indicators to the equivalent on a 5m timeframe this would give me the desired results. However, when doing so, I am still not getting the desired results.

For instance, converting an 8-period EMA (on 65m) to a 104-period EMA (on 5m). In my head, this seems like it would work, but I am also thinking I might be missing something that is causing this scan to not generate the expected results.

Please help! Whether identifying my mistake or any other workaround is greatly appreciated.


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the 5 minute will always "slightly" different from the 65 minute aggregation if it was possible due to 5min being a faster time frame regardless even if your multiples are correct in the higher frame. For TOS the time frame would have to be set at 5 aggregation to be able to achieve 65 minute scans.

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