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Scan 50 SMA below 200 SMA for period of time?


New member
How do we create a scan that, for example, checks if the 50-day sma is below the 200-day ema for at least two weeks?


Staff member
By setting up this scan condition and select D (daily) as your preferred timeframe in the scanner


Edit: In the screenshot, I was using the SMA, but you can change it to EMA.


New member
I'm trying this on the hourly except within 70 bars because 1 day = 7 hourly bars, but it is not working. Some of results are wrong or in other words they do need show that the 50 is below the 200 for at least 70 bars. Can you please help me out? Thanks!

I also want it to happen currently not at some point in the past.

I guess within includes everything below 70. Is there any way I can at least 70 bars instead of within?
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