Saving Charts, Layout, Custom Studies, Study Sets


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Hello All,

Can someone kindly explain the easiest way to save my Charts, Layout, Custom Studies and Study Sets in case my hard drive crashes? Can these be saved on the TOS server or do they need to be saved on a USB flash drive? Thanks very much in advance!


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@David45, I run TOS on 2 computers simultaneously. Whatever, I create, save, edit in the way of my ' Charts, Layout, Custom Studies, and Study Sets' on one computer; appears like magic on the other computer. Somethings update immediately however to see the addition or changes of custom studies; I have to sign off and sign back on the 2nd computer.

I even link my charts across two different computers. So cool!

So I conclude from what I have experienced and as far as I can tell from the TOS manual: my ' Charts, Layout, Custom Studies, and Study Sets' are saved on the TOS servers. My workspace for each computer is saved on the hard drive (I believe).

Hope that helps.

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