Sam Shames Trend Oscillator

It appears that Sam is using a similar modification to the histogram as TG Watkins used for his Simpler Trading Moxie indicator. TG did not like the oscillating histogram of the MACD so he reduced the histogram produced by the MACD to a stair step function that moves about the Zero line. The stair stepping Moxie line is a higher time frame MACD with some slight formula manipulation (secret sauce??) projected onto a lower timeframe. The Zero line crosses of the "Moxie stair stepping line" is when price crosses the 50 SMA in most cases. If the Moxie line crosses the Zero line after price crosses the 50 SMA it is considered a weak low probability, non sustainable move, The stronger, higher probability moves with the best momentum have the Moxie crossing the Zero line before price crosses the 50 SMA - the Moxie should always lead price otherwise "the tail is wagging the dog".

The following Aggregation periods are what he used for the time frames that TG focuses on when trading using his indicator: On a.......
2 Min interval chart the indicator uses a 5 min aggregation period
5 Min interval chart the indicator uses a 15 min aggregation period
15 Min interval chart uses two aggregation periods (thus 2 separate lines display) 1 hour and 2 hour aggregation periods
1 Hr interval chart uses a day aggregation period
1 Day interval chart uses week aggregation period
1 Week interval chart uses month aggregation period
1 Month interval chart uses quarter aggregation period

The following is the thread that was produced here on usethinkscript in developing an enhanced, improved version of the Moxie:

I hope this might feed your creative juices........I look forward to hearing more about what you've got !
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