RSI with Hull Moving Average > 100 or < 0?


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Hi all,

New to the forums but wanted to ask a question I couldn't get answered anywhere else!

ToS's RSI indicator has an option to change the moving average type. I changed it to Hull and every now and then I will see RSI's that get above 100 (sometimes as much as 300 on the minutely charts) or below 0. Given the formula for RSI (100 - 100 / (1+RS) ), does anybody know how this is possible?

Should I be contacting ToS to ask them?

Thanks for any help,


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It has to do with how the hull moving average portion is calculated. Is not a mistake on TOS's part. The point of using the hull based formula is to "smooth" the line out a bit, BUT it really should just be used for "two-line crossover" type action, search "tarzan" on this site to see an example of what I mean by that.

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