RSI Approaching 3-year Monthly High


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Hello All,
Newbie with TS. I'm trying to write a scan study that filters out stocks whose RSI is approaching the 3-year high of the RSI on a monthly chart (say, 10% or less).

Logic will look something like this

Accumulation = Set to Month
peakRSI= Highest value of RSI in the last 36 months (monthly chart).
if the current RSI is less than peakRSI by 10% or less, include in results.



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What, explicitly, do you want to know about RSI...??? It's pretty standard across platforms... Are you saying that the information for RSI() doesn't help...???

def rsi = RSI(length, overBought, overSold, price, averageType, showBreakoutSignals);

Default settings are:

def rsi = RSI(14, 70, 30, close, yes);

The plot names listed in the Learning Center can be used to get the results like so:

plot rsi = RSI(14, 70, 30, close, yes).RSI;
plot ob = RSI(14, 70, 30, close, yes).overBought;


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I'm trying to build a scan filter that lists stocks who's RSI (monthly accumulation) are cross a previous RSI high, not necessarily to plot the RSI on a chart. It's not the conventional use of the RSI where you plot if it exceeds a fixed value (70 or 30).

What function can be used to pick out the high of the RSI over a given period of time and accumulation? Say highest value of RSI (14 day length) over the last 52 weeks, on a daily chart?

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