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RSI and MoneyFlowIndex dots instead of arrows?


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I know as a directional trader myself, I already have useful arrows from the plethora of great studies provided on these forums. To add any more would be too much. This is where I got the idea of having dots for the overbought/oversold regions of the RSI and MFI.

What I'm specifically asking for, is if colored dots can hover over/below the price action candlesticks while the price is in overbought/oversold territory. Check out the image below for a visual.


Does anyone know if this is possible?


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Also, Take a look at JQ's workbench which is #14 in the Universe of TS. He uses them all over his charts and therein will lie the way to do it.
@Shinthus Because that is what you asked for. 😖
Just kidding. Do not have the code available right now. Something like Plot ob = rsi > overbought Plot os = rsi < oversold and painting strat is dots.
hi that indicator looks cool,is it a RSI with a Stochastic oscillators
are they plotted together?
@whats up please be more specific as to which indicator you are asking about. Also, if you are directing the question at someone specific, please remember the @ symbol and their name so they are notified, especially on an older thread like this. Thanks.
If I remember correctly it is DVI (gray line) and SMI (colored line) and the arrows are some kind of divergence between the two. The author can explain it I am sure.

@Hguru do you happen to have the study in this lower panel available that you could post here? Greatly appreciate it!
@markos the indicator above is that a RSI and S
i am sorry still new to this

@Hguru do you happen to have the study in this lower panel available that you could post here? Greatly appreciate it!
How did you get the blue dots to appear only when OB and OS happens?
do you happen to have the study in this lower panel, it looks interesting,greatly Appreciate it Thanks


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