Round with a if

I would like to put in a variable: the percentage difference of the daily low to open on average for the last 240 days.
((Low-open)/open * 100)

percentage difference of the low to open on average for the last 240 days.

Portfolio functions:
  • In order to utilize portfolio functions you must have Advanced Features enabled on your account.
The following limitations apply when using the GetAveragePrice, GetOpenPL, and GetQuantity functions:
  • They cannot be used on charts with a price type other than LAST (i.e., they won't work with MARK, ASK, or BID price types).
  • If applied to a futures product chart, they subscribe to the active contract data.
  • Note also that Portfolio functions can only be used with the following aggregation periods: 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1h, or 1 day. Time period for the aggregation of 1 day is limited to 1 year.
@CapitaineFlam88 Your code is doing what you have told it to do, plot a straight line... A trendline has two price points and the plot is from one to the other... I am not a trendline guy but I know there are several topics with examples here in these forums... The search feature should guide you to them...
@CapitaineFlam88 Can you please elaborate on how to edit custom quotes? I created some (to add additional columns) in my search results but don't seen an option for 'edit formula'.
Ok, If you created a custom quote for a watchlist and want to edit it later.
Follow the picture here. if need more help tell me.
You need to be in watchlist, then have you custom quote showing in the watchlist. Then follow instructions on the picture.!ArwCtqnS855ggeUaYqS9bnuimB5luQ?e=bjJvCQ
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Can you help fix my code?
I usualy get a % profit with variable PourcentProfit. But when it's PrixAchat= 0. The PourcentProfit get to 900000000. And it trigger an alarm.

def PourcentProfit = Round ( (close - PrixAchat) / PrixAchat * 100) if (PourcentProfit  >= 1000000 ) then 0 else  Round ( (close - PrixAchat) / PrixAchat * 100);

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