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Results Oriented Trading In ThinkOrSwim


Trader Educator

NOTE: Tutoring comments are designed for those who are newer to trading. They are designed to be the type of information that was not readily available when I started trading several years ago. Tutoring is a valuable addition to this website.

Those lessons of life (or lessons of trading) that we don’t learn the first time, keep repeating themselves until we do!

Approximately 90% of options traders lose money. They keep getting the same results and wonder why? I know this from personal experience. My trading was the same for the first two years, just long enough to have enough wins to keep me going, but not enough to become consistently Results Oriented.

My best example of “results oriented” came from one of my childhood friends from early days in Elementary School in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Wesley and I lost contact with each other after we moved from the area, although our parents kept in contact through the years.

Some thirty-five years later, I was in the Orlando area and had learned from my parents that my boyhood friend had also entered the same profession as mine. I googled his address and went to pay a visit.

It didn’t take long for us to regain our old friendship, even though many years had passed. I asked him how he was doing, was he married, had any children?

He said, “Charles, I’m glad you asked. I just got married last month…for the sixth time.” I said incredulously, “For the sixth time!”

He said “Yes, for the sixth time, and what I can’t understand is that the issues in each marriage have always been the same… Do you think it could be my fault?”


As stated above…lessons of life (trading) keep repeating themselves until we learn them. Trading options is no different. Until we learn the basics of the market and how it is designed to operate, we will keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Because the market is designed mathematically to move within 1 SD (One Standard Deviation), it is incumbent on the trader to learn how to trade the market mathematically in the way it is designed to operate.
My advice to any new perspective trader is to go to the tutoring section of this website and learn (hopefully up front) how the market works. You will find many charting setups that properly assess market direction from multiple perspectives. You will find setups I have offered under the moniker AGAIG (AsGoodAsItGets). My newest one without any candles http://tos.mx/!95YjmEow is working as good as any I have developed or previously used. My latest chart with Candles http://tos.mx/!mPuNL9nn

The goal of us as chart posters is to help traders become profitable (especially newbies).

One suggestion from me that I do when entering a day (or longer) trade is to frequently place a GTC (Good Until Cancelled) order right at (or inside) the 1 SD Line and let the trade play itself out (never trade more than you can afford to lose).

There is a Master’s Degree worth of information available for newer traders on this website if you seek them out?
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