Purchase price label on chart


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Thank you I think it should work, EntryPrice() is showing N/A currently, it is because market is closed ?

Are you currently in an active trade...??? This only works for live trades, not backtesting... You can try changing Double.NaN to 0 but you'll most likely get the same result in the label...


AddLabel(EntryPrice() > 0, "Entry Price = " + EntryPrice(), Color.WHITE);

This code will only paint a label if you are in an active trade...


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Hi, is there a way to pickup value from OCO order as part of label... for example when I make OCO order, I have my entry price platted on chart, stop order and Target... is there a function I can use STP price and Target display it as part of label label? Tried to search about this but I'm not able to fine anything on it. Thank you.

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