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Profit Calculator


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Does anyone know how to write a script that adds and subtracts the price of candles at specific points?
For instance, I have an indicator that signals a buy and sell point. I want to be able to write a script that will display the percent profit from the buy and sell point. From there, I want the script to add up every buy-sell profit in a certain range (ex the last 5 days). As of now, I make a script and then manually enter a month worth of information into excel to see if the script is profitable; I want to make something that gets around the manual labor.

I have written many programs, but this is one concept that I have yet to discover.

Thanks y'all


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If you can implement a backtesting strategy for your indicator, you can get the entry and exit points. Then, export it to Google Sheet or Excel and calculate the specific points there.


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Hey Ben,

That's where I am looking for help. For simplicity, let's say my indicator is the HMA. How can I implement a back testing strategy that will grab the price (buy) when the HMA first moves up and the price (sell) when the indicator moves down?
I think something like this would be of great use to everyone if I can get help starting it.

I found a very useful link to do this. I was able to implement it on one of my indicators. https://ryanclouser.com/2019/04/12/Backtesting-with-thinkscript/
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@Gabrielx77 I figured it out! I have been using back testing for a number of different indicators. Below is the fundamental code I use (not my actual indicator just the general idea):

def TradeSize = inset dollar amount / close;
input price = close;
input length = 20;
input displace = 0;

plot HMA = MovingAverage(AverageType.HULL, price, length)[-displace];

def earlyBuy = SecondsFromTime(0930) >= 0 and SecondsFromTime(1600) <= 0;
def buy=earlyBuy==1 and HMA>HMA[1] and HMA[1]<HMA[2];
def sell=earlyBuy==0 or HMA<HMA[1];
AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_TO_OPEN,buy, close, TradeSize);
AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_TO_CLOSE,sell, close, TradeSize);

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