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Problems logging into ThinkorSwim on August 15?


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There is an update scheduled for this weekend. No advance release notes that I can find.

Many custom columns have not been working well (confirmed with a Tos trader as well has Ken Rose that they were experiencing the same issue).

Specifically the word "loading" appears in the field and never loads. These are columns that I have been using for many months and even years in some cases with no issues.

My fingers are crossed on this one. Phone support has been no help and it's no longer possible to talk with platform support directly.
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I can now log on to live trading and paper money.. Seems to hang waiting for data on paper money.. They are probably still doing maintenance.. I will try back later


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Hopefully they will have resolved several other issues... I had noticed that for only the last week that I was getting performance issue alerts that had finally gone away only weeks ago... All seems well, so far, since the overnight updates...

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